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 Information concerning Cleaning and Repairs:

Klassy Katz services all BERNINA machines no matter how old or where they came from. If it's a BERNINA, we'll service it! If you are under warranty for a part and we have no history of your machine, we might ask for proof of purchase to make sure you are under the warranty date since warranty does not transfer with transfer of ownership. We will work with you in any way we can to help you with this process.

We would like you to include the items listed below when you bring your machine in for a cleaning. Trust me, we have reasons for asking you to bring these things and if you don't, it only slows the process down or you may not get the complete check up since without your parts, it is not possible to check certain things. We need your automatic buttonhole foot for calibration and it should be done on your foot, not one of our floor samples. I have a handout in the shop under the counter that lists prices for cleaning and what to bring in great detail. Ask for it and we'll be glad to give it to you.

Please include the following when you bring your sewing machine in for cleaning: 

  • a basic sewing foot (#1 or #000 or #34)
  • Make sure you do not have a straight stitch plate on your machine
  • Electrical Cord
  • Foot Pedal
  • Spool Cap and spool pins
  • One bobbin and Bobbin Case
  • If it is an old BERNINA, the manual is nice for us to refer to
  • If it is an embroidery machine, leave your embroidery foot (whichever one you use, #9, or # 15 or #26) and a hoop (5x7), an embroidery bobbin if your machine has one and one bobbin

We request that you bring all these things for a reason. First, if you have a very old machine, we do not have your feet and other items in the shop to substitute and test with. Also, we are resetting your tensions and the top and bottom have to be balanced. Most of your tensions need to be reset to the zero point since metal loosens up over time and bobbin cases stretch and your upper tension disk spread. We will get everything back to where it should be. You can have defective items and if we have all the electrical parts we can isolate one by one what your problem is. This is especially important in the newer machines so we don't have to unnecessarily replace a print when your connection is faulty. If a print has to be replaced or any major change out, we need to recalibrate your hoop and your automatic buttonhole foot. All these special requests are to be able to service your machine completely and thoroughly. If there is going to be a major investment in a repair, we will consult you first. This is above the cleaning fee charge. 

When you come in, think ahead of time of small anomalies that your machine has been doing such as irregular stitch length, odd noises, uneven bobbin winding, needle threader not working etc. We will find these things but it's nice if you mention them to use in the beginning. It can speed up the process so we can get your machine back to you as fast as we can.

Fixes versus cleaning. Many of you are in the position that your machine broke due to never bringing it in to be serviced for a good cleaning. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! If you would bring it in between one and two years we can keep your machine updated, reset your settings, and prevent any expensive costs that will happen eventually with lack of service. If you are regular about your cleaning then we can turn your machine over fairly quickly but a machine that hasn't seen service in 20 years (don't laugh it happens frequently) and it a real testimony to BERNINA that they still run, then a lot of work needs to be done to your machine. It has slowly gotten out of whack and even though you didn't think it needed service it was telling you little things along the way like noise, having to fiddle with the tensions, over heating and I can go on and on. Many motors are burned up this way. Many of you don't realize how loud your machines are since this happened slowly over time. For the new machines, we update you with the latest firmware which makes your machine run better and fixes any computer glitches and often gives you new options or adds screen notions to help you as well. BERNINA often extends warranties or has a warranted parts exchange for a limited time period and if you never bring yours in, then I can't help you out later. You will be paying for the part at that time. This is part of your regular cleaning. When you think the feed dogs are broken, it's just that the lint is so packed they can't move.

Previously we had taken a waiting list for cleanings but when we called you wouldn't give up your machines so what good is a waiting list. We have eliminated the waiting list and suggest you call and say if I bring it in now what would be the approximate time it will take to get it back. I recommend leaving it when you travel or are on vacation. Remember, you are not my only customer and we go in order of who drops it off to fix. Some machines take a while and others not. We order parts and put that one back on the shelf and move on to the next one. We try to be efficient but we do go in order. Trust me, each one of you wants their machine back as soon as possible even though many of you own many BERNINA's.

Bob Katz is an air craft mechanic by trade but has been fully trained and certified by BERNINA. He does an excellent and thorough job with your machine and all you have to do is ask around. We are extremely proud of our reputation for great service.

If you have any questions concerning our service, please call the shop.